Energy Reboot Program
Self Guided

A biohacking program for women who want more energy during peri-and post-menopause!

Menopause doesn´t have to mean low energy. Say goodbye to fatigue with our program.

Are you a menopausal woman struggling with low energy levels?

Do you feel tired and sluggish, and find it difficult to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle?

Often we don’t know the root cause of fatigue, and we think taking more supplements is the solution. This couldn’t be more wrong. The Energy Reboot program is designed specifically for peri- and post-menopausal women struggling with low energy levels.

This program will help guide you down a path towards finding the root cause of the problem, recharge your mitochondrial function and remove toxicity from your life that may be robbing you of your energy. Expect science and practical hacks that you can implement right away and begin to feel more vibrant and alive.


When you take our program expect:

Say goodbye to fatigue!


Week 1

Lesson objective: Students will learn the basics of our energy system and how it works

Topics covered:

  • What is biohacking
  • Understanding how the body creates energy
  • The role NAD has in energy production
  • The importance of optimizing our cells
  • The dangers of artificial energy production
  • Motivation with Esther Adan

Lesson objective: Students will learn the systematic approach to unraveling the root cause of their fatigue and building new energy

Topics covered:

  • Finding the motivation to hack your energy
  • How to find the root cause of fatigue
  • The importance of removing and managing probable causes of fatigue
  • Understanding how to build a new foundation for optimal energy production
  • Creating a self-assessment to analyze the effects of each biohack

Week 2

Lesson objective: Students will learn some of the root causes of fatigue to start their investigation.

Topics covered: 

  • Understanding mitochondrial fatigue vs adrenal fatigue
  • Identifying toxins in your environment that may contribute to fatigue (people, food, medication, environment, stress, unhealthy routines)
  • How to create habits to remove toxins

Lesson objective: Students will learn how to manage chronic issues in their health that are harder or impossible to remove

Topics covered: 

  • Managing chronic diseases
  • Why we need to support the immune system
  • The importance of understanding your gut
  • What is menopause, really?
  • The role hormones play in our energy system
  • How to create a plan to test for particular health issues
  • Hormone testing with Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Week 3

Lesson objective: Students will learn how to create a plan of action for a strong sustainable foundation.

Topics covered: 

  • The importance of identifying purpose in life
  • How to clearly define who you are and what you want
  • Creating connection and intimacy
  • Learning functional breathing and controling the stress response
  • The most effective exercise to improve mitochondria for energy
  • How and why we optimize sleep
  • Understanding nutrition, food timing and combining
  • Sex and intimacy with Susan Bratton
  • Optimal nutrition with Nathalie Niddam

Week 4

Lesson objective: Students will learn more advanced biohacking techniques and recommendations to add to a strong foundation

Topics covered: 

  • How to use music to wind up and down
  • Exploring natural hormonal balance and bioidentical hormone support
  • Simple techniques to activate autophagy 
  • Exploring fasting do’s and don’ts
  • The power of grounding
  • Red light therapy
  • Introduction to cold exposure 
  • Clearing the confusion on supplements
  • Sleep optimization with Mollie Eastman
  • Harnessing the power of light with Dr. Zulia Frost

Our program includes:

  • Science-packed knowledge and activities ($800 value)
  • 70+ step-by-step guided videos (only 1 – 2 hours per week)
  • Easy homework to keep you motivated and on track
  • Practical cheat sheets to refer to when needed
  • Access to our global Biohacking Menopause Facebook community, where you may interact with other Queenagers who share their menopause experiences 24/7 ($200 value)
  • Eating for Longevity cookbook and meal planner ($20 value)
  • 3 breathwork sessions to learn functional breathing ($100 value)
  • Certificate of completion
  • One 20 minute consultation to keep you accountable ($70)
  • Special offers on products that may support your energy reboot ($100s of dollars!)
  • TOTAL VALUE $1090! You pay only $195


About Zora

I am a gerontologist and digital nomad. I look at the biological, sociological and psychological perspectives of aging across the lifespan around the globe. I am also a 53- year-old biohacker helping women going through menopause change their physiology & health outcomes with evidence based science and technology coupled with ancient wisdom.

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This program is valued at $1090
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