February 5, 2016

A few days ago I got a letter from Tiffany’s inviting me to pick up an exclusive pack of “lai see” from the store at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. I was excited to see what they were like (maybe there would be some other stunning gift too?) and figured it would be a great chance to scope the event and take a look at the bling.

We were lucky to have friendly staff who presented us with the beautiful trademark blue Tiffany bag and the gorgeous “lai see” envelopes that are passed out during Chinese New Year. Every year during this holiday, the locals stuff a few dollars into the packets and given to children and unmarried adults by parents and grandparents. Although Tiffany used their traditional blue to adorn their envelopes, the tradition is usually red, which symbolizes luck, energy and happiness. It is actually the red paper that is more significant that what is inside.

Once we opened and checked out the Tiffany lai see, we took a spin around the shop oogling at the flashy diamond rings, trademark key pendants and I even got to try on a million dollar (HKD) ring!

Thank you for accompanying me on this surprising little luxury adventure and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!