Exploring Hong Kong Park


Monday February 22, 2016

Together we explored Hong Kong Park on a cool cloudy day in the Central district of this magnificent city. Tucked away in exotic faun and flora away from the noise of the busy streets, Hong Kong Park is an oasis in the concrete jungle.

We started out at Olympic Square where a group of Bikini Fit bootcamp members gathered to start their training. I also train with this group and sweat it out for an hour prior to this broadcast. Hong Kong Park is a place where the local population starts their morning with a bit of exercise, some practice the gentle movements of Tai Chi, while others choose to sweat it out with a vigorous run.

Climbing up the path of the park, we headed toward the Aviary, however it was closed so we could not enter. So, we decided to wind down towards the pond where we said “Jou San!” (Good morning in Cantonese) to the park’s lazy turtles…or are they tortoises?

I really enjoyed getting to know you all in this quick walk through Hong Kong Park, learning your story and sharing the freedom lifestyle with you on my end. I am looking forward to more and more fun adventures with you. Stay tuned!

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