Exploring Hong Kong’s Stanley Beach

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February 17, 2016

Today we explored Stanley beach in Hong Kong to show you a quieter side to this city of 7 million inhabitants. In just 20 minutes we were transported from skyscrapers and traffic to tranquil beaches and palm trees on the south side of Hong Kong Island.

Taking a walk along the soft sand on this chilly winter morning, I showed you the dragonboats that are tucked away waiting for the next 20 people to jump in and paddle across the bay. Although it was too cold for me to jump in the water, we saw a few swimmers out there braving the cold for a dip of healthy living. There are fantastic health benefits to jumping in cold water that boost circulation and the immune system, burns calories and even improves your sexual libido!

One of the highlights of the walk was running into headstander! This gentleman has been standing on his head for who knows how long and kept still enough to have a little chat about it. Headstands are also great for circulation as well as pumps up your muscles and makes a great party trick!

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to the beach scene in Hong Kong. I promised @SteveFrmLA that I would scope a beach sunset for him one day from Hong Kong. Not sure if that will rival his Florida sunsets, but we can certainly try!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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