Food, Menopause & Athletic Women – Dina Griffin, RD

This podcast is super practical and fun where you get real life tips on how to take control of your food and exercise during the menopausal transition.

So get your pen and paper out and start taking notes.


Today we are talking with a sports and performance dietitian. Dina Griffin, also known as The Nutrition Mechanic.

She’s got a really cool nutrition coaching company based out of Boulder, Colorado in the US. And, she’s super qualified.

She’s got a whole team working with all levels of adult endurance athletes to optimize their health, vitality and performance.

She likes to blend in both the science and the evidence based strategies with real life considerations. It’s really tough, because we may read a great study on how to optimize our health, but have no idea how to implement it…or even if it applies to us.

And that’s what Dina is really great at so she can make not only a personalized nutrition plan, but how to make it sustainable.

Dina is passionate about working with women, particularly those of us in peri and post menopause.

She can deal with those of us who just hit the gym a few times a week all the way to the ultra athletes who need a different approach.

Her training in nutrition actually started out in the clinical setting, so she is very aware and qualified to help those who are dealing with certain diseases and metabolic conditions.

Dina herself is also an endurance athlete. She’s into triathlons, marathons, and ultra marathons, so she actually practices what she preaches and sees the impact of her approaches on herself as well as on all kinds of women.

Today Dina clears up some of the confusion we have on fad diets, fueling our workouts and how much protein we really need all with the context of an older woman…Our needs are totally different than a 30 or 40 year old. And explains why.


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