Hack Aging With Peptides – Phil Micans

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 AND ANDToday’s podcast covers peptides and how to use them to hack our age with pharmacologist and medical grade biohacker Phil Micans.

He covers the origins of peptides, how they are used, where to get them and explains their clinical results from improving our eyesight, to hormonal and immunity regulation and even telomere extension!


Phil Micans has a Masters and bachelors degrees in Food & Vitamin Technology, Pharmacy and Biochemistry. He has been actively involved in anti-aging medicine since the late 1980’s and has contributed to numerous books, magazines, radio and TV shows on various subjects connected to healthy aging.

Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Aging Matters™ Magazine, the Assistant Editor to the Lifespan Medicine Journal (founded by Thierry Hertoghe, M.D.) and Director to the British Longevity Society.

He also advises the Stromboli Conference on Cancer and Aging and the
London Anti Ageing Conference.

Phil has dedicated himself to studying the latest research about anti-aging medicine and helping to make available innovative products to health professionals, as well as their patients.

Proud to be part of one of the world’s leading organizations in anti-aging medicine and keenly interested in the orthomolecular approach to medicine, Phil firmly believes that anti-aging medicine is the ultimate form of preventative and regenerative medicine, and that it will be the next major leap in the health of mankind.

In 1991 he became a cofounder of the IAS Group (International Antiaging Systems), an organisation dedicated to the dissemination of preventative and regenerative medicine information and the supply of hard-to-obtain health products.


  • Anti-aging medicine is not just about aesthetics. It’s about being able to perform.
  • Goal: lucid, agile and independent.
  • Significantly increased lifespans must come from decent health
  • Humans live 110-120 years, but average is 75 – 85.
  • Why can’t most of us tap into those extra 30 – 40 years?



  • Every cell has a biological reserve of 30% – 50%
  • By the time you reach 50 years old, the body loses half of its protein stores
  • The ability to produce proteins is a fundamental part of the body’s ability to repair itself.
  • Losing muscle mass is due to age, genetics, a sedentary lifestyle and not consuming sufficient amounts of protein
  • Soviet military secret – in the 80s the Kremlin calls upon scientist Dr. Khavinson to help Soviet troops in nuclear submarines and silos from aging too quickly.
  • Dr. Khavinson researched peptides
  • 1990 Gazprom study: 11,192 employees (aged 45 – 65). 3,000 employees in control group
  • Vitamins for one group, peptides for others living in harsh conditions in Siberia
  • Results: 66% reduction in incidence of disease for those taking peptides (thymus, brain, lung, liver and cartilage peptides) orally.
  • Studied employees after retirement taking pineal peptide and/or thymus peptide at ages 60 – 75 and 75 – 89 consecutively.
  • Those with pineal peptide halved risk of dying
  • Those taking both pineal and thymus peptides had 0 risk


  •  Short chain amino acids that are found in food and act as gene switches.
  • Peptide research in Russia is at least 40 years old.
  • 1000s of peptides exist
  • They induce protein synthesis.
  • Peptides can be digested and passed through the bloodstream
  • Eating steak doesn’t go into the blood, but the protein is broken down into short chain peptides to be absorbed in the blood. 


  • It’s variable
  • Fish and beef are better and natural peptides are bovine
  • Peptides interlock with specific parts of the DNA like a key.
  • Genes can be switched on or off, but not “more on” or “more off”
  • Safety record – Dosed 15 million times without side effects


  • Pork peptides are bioidentical to humans – natural thyroid is best coming from pigs.
  • Synthetic thyroid medication replaces thyroid & may have negative side effects if you overdose.
  • Synthetic thyroid may stop the thyroid from making its own hormones.
  • Porcine thyroid asks your own thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones
  • Hyperthyroid patients experience a “silencing” of the thyroid levels with peptide bioregulators. 


  • There are 21 commercialized peptide bioregulators
  • Similar to adaptogens, bioregulators adapt to the body’s needs
  • It is safe to use both adaptogen herbs and peptides simultaneously, but may not be necessary.
  • Medications may need to be reduced when taking bioregulators to normalize.
  • Bioregulators are cycled and not taken permanently.
  • Treatment varies from 3 – 6 months.
  • For healthy individuals, one year is enough to see change
  • Bioregulators are amino acids that are 2 – 4 chains long.
  • Longest is 50
  • After becoming a protein, peptides then become a hormone.
  • Studies on peptides on animals increase lifespan and healthspan by 20% – 40%


  • Michael Fossil, author of The Telomerase Revolution supports peptides as protective of telomeres.
  • Telomeres are caps on ends of chromosomes to protect DNA
  • Chronological age may differ from biological age based on telomere length
  • Longer telomeres usually associated with longer lifespan
  • Pineal peptides lengthen telomeres
  • Dr. Bill Lawrence studies how to reverse aging and conducted first non-Russian study using peptide bioregulators. At the end of a 3 year trial (summer 2021) results will be published. To date (April 2021), all patients have so far improved the Hovarth Clock and telomere length


  • In Russia 20 year old gymnasts at the 2012 London Olympics explored the use of peptides.
  • Gymnasts train 8 – 10 hours
  • Prior to Olympics, gymnasts did NOT take peptides
  • Post Olympics, telomere length of gymnasts deteriorated.
  • Peptides taken after the Olympics brought telomere length to normal levels
  • Recovery faster in 3 weeks 


  • Take peptides and recovery after 1 year in space is much quicker



  • Peptide bioregulators are food, not drugs
  • Safety profile is high
  • Get guidance from a naturopath or regenerative medicine doctor
  • Traditional medical doctors are limited in knowledge about peptides
  • Choose your weak point (thyroid, gut, skin, joints…)
  • Keep peptides at 65 degrees F.
  • Go here to get Phil’s recommended bioregulators by Dr. Khavinson. Use code Zora-15 at checkout for a discount.


  • Injectables need to be more cautious
  • Differences in the length of the amino acid.
  • Injectables are longer chains of amino acids
  • Not everyone is keen to inject
  • Injectables must be done under the guidance of a health professional
  • Injectables may not be available commercially or are sold under “questionable” websites
  • Capsules are easier to take, less expensive and don’t need a prescription
  • Some peptides cannot be ingested and are unstable or need to be refrigerated, therefore injectables may work better as you deliver directly into the blood stream
  • Intramuscular subcutaneous is next level (2)
  • Nasal spray is next level (3)
  • Transdermal and sublingual are next level (4)
  • Capsules and tablets are last level (5)


Pineal – improves melatonin production

Blood vessel – improves blood flow, thus improves everything

Thymus – improves immunity


  • 2 capsules a day for 10 days (1 pack)
  • If using more than one bioregulator, take 2 capsules a day for next 10 days (1 pack)
  • Continue rotating for as many different bioregulators you take.
  • Speak to your health practitioner for guidance or contact the support line at Profound Health.


  • Depends on how serious is the problem
  • Thyroid – 50% of adults have a weak thyroid
  • Generally, start with intensive course of 2 capsules daily for 30 days (3 boxes, 20 capsules in each box)
  • High maintenance: 1 box per month, 2 capsules per day until condition improves.
  • Maintenance: 1 box every 3 – 6 months depending on condition and improvement.
  • Once the gene is switched on or off, no need to repeat regularly
  • Peptides work optimally only with a  healthy diet and lifestyle.


  • The Tree of Life Clinic in St. Petersburg
  • Svetlana Trofimova famous for her eye treatments.
  • One patient with 90% eyesight gone improved with injecting retina peptide into the orbit of the eyeball for 10 days and continue at home with retina peptide and blood vessel peptide bioregulators on intensive course
  • After 1 year patient move to 30% blindness in the eyes.


  • Burn out – use adrenal peptide + blood vessel peptide
  • Weight loss – muscle peptide
  • Overeaters – pancreatic peptide to control insulin
  • Insomnia – pineal peptide to produce melatonin & extend telomeres
  • Amenorrhea – ovary peptide to regulate estrogen and progesterone


  • Beware of online websites selling peptides
  • Trust Dr. Khavinsons peptides coming directly from the St. Petersburg factory at ProfoundHealth.comUse code Zora-15 for 15% off
  • Use reputable companies and pharmacies only


  • Approximately $30 – $50 USD per box.
  • Most expensive box is $70
  • Some companies may charge $600 for a 3 months supply


  • Support the immune system
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle first
  • Thymus peptide + blood vessel peptide
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Colloidal silver (gel and spray)
  • Mushroom extracts
  • Japanese anti-viral injections (ivermectin)


  • Dr. Jonathan Wright says we are 100 years behind in the medical literature.
  • We practice 1921 medicine
  • Surgery is ahead in the literature, but therapeutics are behind
  • 80% of the drugs prescribed by doctors today are the same they were taught in the 1960s.

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** Use Code Zora-15 (don’t forget the dash) at checkout for 15% off any products purchased on the antiaging-systems.com stores or profoundhealth.com



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Email: phil@antiaging-systems.com


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