Hack The Midlife Body Fat Switch, Uric Acid & The Truth On Fructose – Dr. Richard Johnson

This guest teaches us how to turn off our fat switch.

Some of you have already read his first book, “The Fat Switch”, which he published in 2012 and now our honored guest Dr. Richard Johnson has another book out called “Nature Wants Us to Be Fat: The Surprising Science Behind Why We Gain Weight and How We Can Prevent–and Reverse–It” which releases February 8th, 2022.

I was blown away with his first book and am really excited to talk with him about his new book, because he has some exciting new information from his research to share with us.


Dr. Richard Johnson works at the University of Colorado in Denver as a Professor of Medicine.

He’s been keeping super busy these last 25 years not only as a professor, but also both a practicing physician AND clinical scientist.

He studies…nothing else, but our favorite drug…sugar. He is super well known in the medical circles for his research into obesity and diabetes.

He found out exactly HOW sugar causes obesity and how our bodies can actually make fructose from other foods.

He also found out that a by-product of fructose metabolism called uric acid plays a huge role in metabolic syndrome.

The National Institute of Health has been funding his research since the 80s, so he’s been doing this for…quite.. a while.

He’s a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation and has published over, get this, 700 papers, lectured in over 45 countries, and is a highly cited scientist. Just Pubmed him.

You’ll be blown away. So I think we are speaking with someone who is highly highly qualified to talk about this topic.


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