Holistically Hack Blood Sugar Imbalance & Insulin Resistance – Registered Dietitian Melanie Murphy

Today we are talking about blood sugar imbalance and insulin resistance with holistic nutritionist Melanie Murphy. Melanie covers all the basics of what insulin resistance means, how to prevent the fast track to diabetes and even reverse diabetic conditions.


Melanie is a registered dietitian and completed her masters of Nutrition, Healthspan and Longevity at USC. (very cool masters!)

I found Melanie through the Fasting Mimicking Diet newsletter. I saw she studied (as have I) at the prestigious research based University of Southern California with Dr. Valter Longo who created the Fasting Mimicking Diet and one of TIME’s 50 most influential people in healthcare.

She popped up in a university newsletter, I investigated further, I loved her website and the holistic approach she takes to nutrition. She specializes in gut health and is based in Los Angeles.


Instagram: @healthnmellness

Website: Melanie Murphy RD


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