Measuring Biological Age, Menopause Age and Glycanage – Nikolina Lauc

This podcast is going to clear a lot of confusion for us.

If you’ve been on the biohacking trail for a while, you probably have heard of kits that test your telomeres, DNA, glycans and other biomarkers that give you a clue how fast or slow you are aging or if your keto diet or fasting routine is working for you on a cellular level.

There are a ton of kits out there, so which one do we use? And what are all the differences?

Nikolina Lauc is here now to explain it all and help guide us to make a calculated decision.


Nikolina Lauc is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of several startups, including the British-Croatian one called Glycanage with her father, Dr. Gordan Lauc, who is renowned in the world of glycans and molecular biology.

Together they created a biological age test kit we can all use to see where our health is from the inside….and not just a number we see on our driver’s license.

This cool little kit measures glycans, which are sugar molecules that can respond to lifestyle changes and tell us the inflammatory state of our immune system.

She has already created one patent in the women’s health diagnostic space and is leading GlycanAge in its development from a biomarker used in big research studies to bringing it right into our hands as a consumer product.

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