Meet the incredible woman who has been in my ear for the last 6 months, Dr. Mindy Pelz. She’s in my ear, because I love her podcast The Resetter Podcast and I’ve been binge listening to them as well as going through her new book The Menopause Reset.


Not only is Dr. Mindy a bestselling author and podcaster, but she’s a keynote speaker, nutrition and functional medicine expert and has spent over 20 years of her life helping thousands of people reclaim their health.

Everyone knows her as a leader in the alternative health space. She’s really a pioneer in the fasting movement…especially for women. She teaches the principles of a fasting lifestyle, diet variation, detox, hormones, and a whole lot more.

She’s also got an amazing YouTube channel where she has loaded a ton of videos that not only explain the latest science and research, but she then gives us really practical tools we can all use. There are over 250,000 people subscribed with millions of views…there’s something here guys.

Dr. Mindy has a new book that we are going to take a dive into today called The Menopause Reset, but she also has two other best-selling books; The Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen.


New Book: The Menopause Reset 

Free courses: 30 Day Ketobiotic for Women Reset and 15- Day Metabolic Reset

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