Should You Buy Skin Care Products for a Friend?


With holiday festivities in full swing, the race is on to find the perfect presents for your loved ones. Helping people look good by giving them the gift of healthy, youthful skin might sound like a fantastic idea, but these types of purchases can be deeply personal – is it ok to buy beauty products and skin care selections for a friend?

Avoid Hidden Messages

The golden rule to avoiding the pitfalls of inappropriate skin care gift giving is to think about the messages and signals your present will suggest. This is especially true if you’re considering giving someone a gift that promotes anti-aging, skin repair or youth preservation. You know you’re not being a horrible friend, but by highlighting an embarrassing problem, you may end up being cast as the most passive-aggressive gift giver ever.

Do Some Research

Knowing your giftee’s tastes and likes is a major step towards picking the right present. It all comes down to how close you are to the person. Even if the label says anti-aging, your best friend isn’t going to mix-up the caring intentions of selecting a product packed full of antioxidants and youth-preserving ingredients with a possible sneaky dig!

If you know for a fact the person you’re shopping for has a signature scent or a brand they adore, go ahead and buy them a new bottle or jar of their favorite perfume or skin care product. Similarly, if you want to introduce a friend to the skin rejuvenating cream you cherish, it probably won’t cause a problem if you know them well – just make sure their skin type and personal tastes match yours or take them into consideration when selecting something their skin really needs.

The trickier task is shopping for somebody who’s outside your inner-circle. The most important thing you can do is keep your eyes and ears open. If the opportunity arises, take a peek at what makeup brands, perfumes or skin care products they already use. Obviously, you don’t want to be snooping through their handbag or bathroom cabinet but pay attention when you’re all discussing beauty and skin care favorites. Ask their opinions on which items they’ve tried and the products they swear by.

Keep it Neutral

If your research pays off, you can confidently give someone a gift they will love, or even better, that they have already admitted they’re lusting after! If the opportunity to do some clever, covert planning doesn’t present itself, or you just don’t know the person that well, make sure to keep it neutral.

Body lotion, hand cream or shower gel is a perfect neutral gift choice, as they come in many variations, all packed with nourishing, youth preserving properties. You should stay clear or heavily scented or perfumed products, as you may totally misjudge your recipient’s tastes.

If you don’t know your giftee’s skin type, it’s best to select products that are least likely to cause problems. A gentle cleanser is usually a safe option because you apply it and immediately rinse it off.

Spoil Someone


At this time of year, it’s always fun to gift something you know your friend wouldn’t indulge in themselves. If your loved one has a treasured, fancy anti-aging moisturizer that they’re hoarding, so it won’t get used up too fast, replacing it with a new one is a truly generous gift.

You might want also to consider giving the gift of a visit to a spa or skin care clinic. An esthetician can help someone better understand their skin and give sound advice on how to care for it. Plus, it’s also something you can do together, for extra best friend bonding!

Gift Card Goodness

You may think a gift card or certificate is a little impersonal or a last minute choice, but allowing your friend to select their own anti-aging present from a place you know they love is a double-whammy of thoughtfulness. Besides, some people just don’t like to be told what they need!

Other than taking the pressure off finding the perfect youth-preserving skin care present for someone, the main benefit of giving a gift card is it allows the recipient to consult a professional skin care specialist, guaranteeing they’re getting the right items for their skin.

Customizable Cosmetics

Another angle to consider when giving beauty or skin care products this festive season is to stop trying to match someone’s skin color and type to a product, and instead, embrace the world of customizable cosmetics. You can now buy products that are perfectly designed to match your skin.

  • MATCHCo has implemented scanning technology into an app that analyzes your skin tone, and then blends a perfectly matched foundation that comes in a personalized and dated bottle.
  • ageLOC Me is a first-of-its-kind, customized anti-aging skin care solution. Based on a comprehensive smart skin assessment, it contains serums, plus day and night moisturizers, personally matched to your skin concerns and preferences.
  • Three Custom Color Specialists allows you the chance to acquire discontinued products by brand and color, but more importantly, they can create your perfect shade of makeup from a sample you provide. It can be almost anything – a photo, a piece of fabric, even paint chips.

Whatever your gift giving plans this season, I hope you manage to find the perfect, uplifting presents for your loved ones, and always remember the most important rule of all – make sure you know a company’s return policy, and always save the receipt.

Happy Holidays!

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