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Welcome to TheDreamScoper´s streaming schedule!

I am Zora The Explorer and together with my friends I broadcast every day using the Periscope application. This streaming schedule is indicative of the timing and topics I plan to cover. As can be expected with such an interactive tool, content and timing can vary slightly. The best way to be notified that a scope is ready to air is to download the Periscope application on your phone (or any other device) and follow Zora The Explorer. You will receive a notification as soon as the scope starts. No need to wait!

Aside from these scheduled broadcasts, many impromptu scopes take place during the day. They tend to be spontaneous, based on the circumstances. But, don’t worry, by following Zora The Explorer on Periscope, you will be notified right away!

Finally, Periscope keeps all broadcasts in memory for 24 hours. So, if you miss an episode live, you still have one day to watch it. After that period of time, TheDreamScoper captures the scopes and posts them on this website for your enjoyment. Be patient with me…that may take up to a few days. So, there is no more reason to miss any scope about the freedom lifestyle I like to share.

STREAMING SCHEDULE February 15 – 21, 2016 all shows in Hong Kong time zone

Monday February 15th – 11:00am EXPLORE
Hong Kong street market – Causeway Bay!

Tuesday February 16th – 11:00 The ZoHo Show – FINANCIAL FREEDOM
It’s all in the products!

Wednesday February 17th– 10:30 EXPLORE
Getting wet in Stanley Bay

Thursday February 18th – 9:00 HEALTH
Real People: Angie Lam talks raw food ATTENTION!: Angie is not available until next week.
What do you eat for breakfast?

Friday February 19th – 10:30 EXPLORE
Ride the bubble elevator to the largest indoor mural in the world!

Sunday – 11:00 Business Breakfast – FINANCIAL FREEDOM
Business Breakfast with serial entrepreneur

More impromptu broadcasts take place throughout the day at random hours. Do not forget to follow Zora The Explorer on Periscope in order to be notified.

Enjoy the scopes and tell me how I am doing in the comments area. That will help me improve and better meet your needs and expectations. Thank you for watching!


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