Sunlight Nutrition For Menopause & How Artificial Light Impacts Depression – Roudy Nassif

Today we meet Roudy Nassif who teaches us a ton about light and how it affects our bodies, our hormones and the transition through menopause. Roudy is a light expert who learned how to harness the power of light…and of darkness…to overcome his own experience with depression.

His background is in engineering and he has combined this with his passion for light and health to create Vivarays, the most advanced circadian light filtering eyewear for better sleep, more energy and ultimately a more exciting journey through life.

Roudy has been using his expertise on light to educate healthcare practitioners and doctors about the biological effects of light and to help them optimize not only their patients’ wellbeing, but their own personal lives as well.


Roudy is on a mission to elevate people’s light environment to a whole new level of alignment with nature in order to live in an optimal rhythm, so that this can help them sleep better, have more focus and energy and just basically lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

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