The Truth On Biological Age Test Kits & How Women 50+ Slow The Pace of Aging – Ryan Smith

Learn more about testing our biological age and how we can see how fast or slow we are aging with Ryan Smith.

This is kind of important for me, so that I can see how fast I am heading to my death, so I can be sure I do what is necessary to make that journey as slow, painless and enjoyable as possible.

Ryan clears a lot of the confusion on all these test kits that are on the market that measure different things in our bodies to tell us how old we truly are…and not just the number of candles on our birthday cake.


Ryan is a biochemist and co-founder of a company that helps us figure this all out and his company TruDiagnostic has been circulating in the biohacking community for a while now.

He has been on many podcasts before with some of the biggest names in health and wellness and all of my biohacking besties and doctors I know personally have given rave reviews on both his incredible knowledge, experience and product.

To give you a little background on him, Ryan decided to open up a pharmacy in the US after he graduated with his biochemistry degree. What I love, is that he focused on peptides, which you all know I am a fan of, and general pharmaceutical drugs.

His pharmacy, Tailor Made Compounding, became the fourth fastest growing company in healthcare in the US, which he later left in 2020 to create TruDiagnostic, so he can help people prevent the disease of aging, not just managing them. This is both a lab and a health data company that is doing an amazing job so far at supporting our doctors in the functional medicine space.

I am not sure about the other companies out there, but TruDiagnostic is collaborating with over 30 clinical research studies that look at which interventions work best for our health and longevity.

They’ve already tested more than 13,000 patients and have one of the largest health databases in the world. That’s pretty amazing what he’s done in just 2 years. I am impressed!

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