Stop Waking To Pee At Night, Sleep Apnea & Tips From A Know It All Sleep Expert – Mollie McGlocklin

We have another great sleep expert on the podcast today! Mollie McGlocklin is going to share some amazing tips on how to optimize our sleep, but more particularly, she is going to cover why in the world are women over 50 waking up in the middle of the night and how to stop it so we can actually experience sleep like we did in our 20s and 30s.

We have already heard from sleep researchers and biohackers on the podcast who have given their perspectives on what the research is showing and what works in the biohacking world, but Mollie has taken a real deep and practical dive that these people have not taken.

Mollie is such an expert, because she has not only dealt with her own struggles with sleep, but she has created a whole business around it and coached many others with her knowledge and expertise.


She is the founder of the Sleep Is A Skill website and programs, but she is also the host of the Sleep is a Skill podcast, which you all have to go and listen to after this episode, if you aren’t following her already.

Mollie uses technology, accountability and behavioral change to help everyone optimize their sleep. She is trained in behavioral change techniques from the Nonverbal Group, Beyond Tells and has a degree in Psychology from Syracuse.

She also has experience with a focus group that examined continuous glucose monitors and Oura ring data on sleep.

And today we are going to focus on the issues women in their 50s, 60s and 70s have with their sleep and some of the benefits and risks that come with both ends of the spectrum.


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