Total Body and Mindset Transformation at 65 – Susan Guidi

Get ready to laugh and be inspired with my next guest Susan Guidi. We met in my live podcast interview with Joan McDonald who in her 70s transformed her body, her health and her life. And Susan is a friend of Joan’s who joined us in that interview.

We immediately hit it off and she has her own story of transformation in her 60s that we share today. And I guarantee, you will be inspired.

The reason I invited Susan on the podcast is because she is someone just like you and me. During the pandemic, like so many, she fell into unhealthy habits, gained a ton of weight, was not happy with her body and decided she had to do something about it. She luckily found Joan, got to work in bodybuilding and won some great competitions like the 50 Figure division (when she was 65) showing that we can do anything at any age.


Susan is now 66. Bodybuilding is her new love, but she is also an entrepreneur in obstetrics and gynecology and…. a comedian. When she isn’t performing ultrasounds she is performing on Zoom and in person with her Improv troupe “The Improvaholics.”

But Susan’s true love is inspiring women to take a chance and believe in themselves again.

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One thought on “Total Body and Mindset Transformation at 65 – Susan Guidi

  1. Lynda Beth Unkeless

    “Nobody buys new towels…”

    I laughed out loud.

    Since I have been working out lifting weights daily at the gym, I have bought myself several new, cute and colorful towels.

    Bravo on another illuminating and insightful podcast conversation!

    I especially appreciated your remarks on your current challenges to uncover the unknown ground in your psyche.

    Thanks for your continued inspiration, Susan!


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