Pelvic floor specialist Kim Vopni is known as the Vagina Coach and she’s disrupting taboo topics to help women all over the world overcome problems of our most intimate parts, like vaginal prolapse and incontinence, which is a bigger problem than you may think.

I first met Kim Vopni because members of the Biohacking Women 50+ club on Clubhouse were telling me to reach out to her so we can talk about vagina issues related to our age group like sneeze pees and vaginal dryness. Yeah, we talk about everything in that club. I was blown away by what she told us and love that she does not accept “light bladder leakage” as just part of being a woman. Thank you!


Kim is a very qualified pelvic floor specialist and fitness professional. She also has a degree in Psychology and a postgraduate certificate in Health and Fitness.

She writes books and regularly speaks publicly to campaign for women’s health. She just wrote a book earlier this year called Your Pelvic Floor.

Kim is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness Inc – this is a company that gives pelvic health programs, products and coaching for women in pregnancy, motherhood and, yes, menopause. She also created a really cool recovery and birth prep system for pregnant women called the Ab System.

And if you’re a health professional out there, or, want to be one, Kim also certifies people to know how to specifically work with women who have core and pelvic floor challenges through a couple of certification courses she offers. The Core Confidence Specialist and the Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist.


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