Let’s talk about skin. Not only is it the largest organ of the body, but it also has many jobs to do, from acting as a protective barrier, to regulating body temperature and helping to defend you from diseases. The importance of skin care when it comes to youth preservation and fighting the signs of aging is crucial.

While it seems most women are well aware of the need for correct skin care to fight the signs of aging, the majority of men are falling far behind the curve. With Valentine’s Day close at hand, I would encourage you to buy the man in your life some quality products to kick-start their anti-aging skin care routine. But before you go showering them with cleansers, toners and face masks, let’s take a look at some reasons why men might be resistant to your well-intentioned advice.


Reasons Guys Don’t Have a Skin Care Routine

There could be many reasons why the guy in your life doesn’t have a regular skin care routine. Other than learning how to deal with acne, it’s often the case that men aren’t taught about caring for their skin when they hit adolescence. It’s not surprising a lot of men might feel lost in the myriad world of skin care products!

If you start to criticize men for their lack of knowledge, they might never bother with proper skin care. The good news is that because a large number of guys shave, even if they don’t do it correctly, they will probably have shaving creams, aftershave lotions and more – so, despite their protests, they are already familiar with certain kinds of skin care, and now they need educating on how to care for their face properly.

Here are three reasons guys might not have a skin care routine, and ways you can change their minds:


  1. They Think it’s too Time Consuming

Most guys see the convoluted and multi-faceted skin care rituals that their wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers go through, and can’t understand how it can be so complicated. Looking at all those bottles and tubes of weirdly named lotions, specific face masks and special powders that must be applied in exactly the right order, it’s not hard to see why guys think a skin care routine is too much like hard work.

You need to help men understand that their new skin care routine will be far less complicated than yours because men’s skin is different to women’s. Yes, guys will suddenly need a few more products than their standard soap, shaving cream, shampoo and aftershave, but their bathroom cabinets will not suddenly fill up with all manner of strange-smelling goo. Plus, their skin will look so much more attractive.

The first step is to identify their correct skin type. This may seem obvious, but a lot of men don’t even realize skin has ‘types.’ Once your guy knows what type of skin he has, things get a lot easier.


  1. They Think Their Skin is Invincible

Another common reason why men don’t feel the need to put any effort into caring for their skin is that they believe their skin to be naturally rugged and therefore too tough to need any TLC – oh boy!

“Men have a tendency to have more oil glands in their skin and just tougher skin in general,” says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, a board-certified dermatologist. However, while not all skin is created equal, neither are all skin care products! Make sure the guys realize that products designed for men have been specially formulated to tackle their so-called ‘invincible skin,’ and this is why even if they share your skin type, it’s not always a good idea to just use whatever products you do – tell them to get their own!

All joking aside, the number one danger for men who think their skin is somehow immune to nature’s onslaught is sun damage. Nothing will age and damage your skin faster than the sun. Try comparing their face to the dashboard of their car: Everyday exposure to the sun will cause it to fade and crack. I think that even the most stubborn of men know the link between UV rays, skin cancer and the early aging of skin cells.

Guys need to realize that they should be wearing a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 every day, especially if they’re always riding their bike, playing outdoor sports, working in the garden or tinkering outside with their car or bike – these are the men who need to be taking care of their skin!


  1. They Think Their Beard Protects Them

Whether you think a bearded man is yummy or yucky, the trend for facial hair is still growing, much like the beards! So, does a healthy covering of facial hair award any protection from harmful sun damage?

A study by the University of Southern Queensland suggests there could be a link between a fuzzy face and a reduction to UV ray exposure. But, unless your man is covered in hair like Bigfoot, or Cousin It from the Addams Family, they still need to take care of their skin – especially the eyes, which are a prime indicator of premature aging, and also, so expressive on a bearded man.

Your man might have a beard worthy of Zeus, or a light covering of stubble, but this doesn’t mean they are exempt from taking care of all their other prime facial real estate – the rest of the skin on their face. And for his beloved beard? A hydrating beard oil will keep everything soft, touchable and groomed, and the skin underneath soothed.


Remember, keeping things simple and sticking to the basics is the best way to encourage a consistent skin care routine for the man in your life. Get your guy the right products for Valentine’s Day, and they’ll be on their way to healthier, happier skin. Browse the department store men’s care counters for some ideas, or take the pressure off of him with a simple gadget like AgeLoc Me. If they spend hours maintaining their car, bike, tools or lawn in tip-top condition, they should be spending a little time looking after their skin.