Traditional saunas vs Infrared Saunas For Menopause, Risks & Benefits

Joie Risk

We already spoke about the benefits of red light therapy and how to choose a device with Dr. Zulia Frost. You should really listen to that podcast in the shownotes. But we didn’t really cover red light sauna use, so I found an expert who can share with us the benefits, the drawbacks, all in the context of a woman going through menopause. 

She will clear some confusion on all the different types of saunas out there, she will share with us how to choose one and what we can do to get similar benefits if we can’t find one in our area, don’t have the space for one or just can’t afford one yet.

Joie had her own struggles with health, which led her down the road studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and the Hippocrates Institute in the US. Through this study, she discovered infrared saunas and her healing journey began with a transformative experience. Her transformation was so profound she landed a job with Sunlighten saunas, which makes infrared saunas, and worked her way to UK Managing Director.

Today she shares what women in peri and post menopause need to know about infrared saunas – the risks and the benefits and more.

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