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Reboot Your Health & Reverse Aging

Join me May 4 – May 26, 2019 or in October 2019 for 1, 2 or 3 weeks of pure bliss at Phuket Cleanse in Thailand to dial into your body, listen to what it says and give it what it wants to reboot your health and reverse aging. This popular (#1 on Trip Advisor) all inclusive wellness retreat is the only resort I have been to that truly has a soul and, believe me, I have been to a LOT of places. I am proud to partner with Phuket Cleanse to offer my courses on the secrets to longevity to help guests jump start their journey to both physical health and mental wellbeing.

October is extra special as I am joined by holistic health coach Natascha Nielsen who is offering her unique courses on wellness to get your mind and body in full detox mode. Her specialty is to empower you to heal and thrive through a loving approach to nutrition and movement. No dieting, no more binge eating and without torturous workouts.

Listen to what past guests say about Phuket Cleanse

Phuket Cleanse takes care of mind, body and soul to help you reach your goals. Once you arrive you may realize that your weight loss efforts have nothing to do with diet and exercise, but something deeper. Or maybe you just want a place to chill without any goal in mind at all. At Phuket Cleanse, you’ll figure it out. Your 7 day journey starts with a personalized video conference assessment before you arrive to identify where you need the most support and to create a tailor made program based on your profile.

From results focused introspection to ice baths to individual lectures on the pillars of longevity and wellbeing, which I will be leading myself alongside Natascha Nielsen (October only) and the Phuket Cleanse team, you will unravel the secrets to a slower aging process that works just right for you. Everything you learn at Phuket Cleanse is sustainable, easy to digest and ready for you to take home with you.

Contact me to join me and my friends this year. You are welcome to attend the many programs at Phuket Cleanse at anytime without me. However, as a brand ambassador for Phuket Cleanse, I advise you to contact me to set you up with a very special price you can only get with me.

BOOK NOW Book before April 15 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount

7 Night Package

Week 1: May 4 – May 11

Week 2: May 11 – May 18

Week 3: May 18 – May 25

This is what is included:

  • All inclusive PC offer (see below)
  • Induction, goal setting & tailor made program based on personal profile – Mandatory health questionnaire and 20 minute video consultation pre-arrival
  • 5 lectures to hack your age, health, emotional wellbeing, body composition, skincare & mindset by Zora
  • 5+ workshops on health and wellbeing by Phuket Cleanse qualified experts
  • 1 private health consultation & analysis by Zora
  • 1 Body composition analysis
  • Daily nutrition consultations
  • Daily morning elixirs in your room
  • 1 Spa beauty treatment & skin consultation
  • 5 Ice bath sessions
  • 5 Infrared light sessions
  • 4 One-hour massages per week
  • The Longevity Master Plan (downloadable program to slow aging)
  • BOOK NOW Book before April 15 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount

How Much?

  • Price: USD 2,520 for single standard room occupancy, USD1,890 per person for double standard room occupancy
    • MAY RETREAT:  Book before April 15 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount
                                           Book April 15 – April 30 with code HMA@PC5 for a 5% discount
    • OCTOBER RETREAT: Book before June 1 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount
                                             Book June 2 – September 15 with code HMA@PC5  for a 5% discount
  • Non-refundable deposit of 50% required at the time of booking.
  • Click here for more room options or contact me at for more discounts on extended stays

Wait! All inclusive Phuket Cleanse offers even more.

No “hidden” expenses. No bills to settle at check out. Priceless!

  • Private air-conditioned airport shuttle service to and from Phuket Cleanse resort
  • Beautiful sleep inducing resort room with air conditioning and amenities to promote melatonin production
  • Detoxifying organic full board – Gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free, alcohol free and refined sugar free menu. Plant based buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner, limited eggs and fish, post-workout vegan recovery protein drinks, natural supplements & unlimited purified drinking water.
  • 1 Nutrition consultation
  • 1 Fitness consultation
  • 1 x Thai long-tail boat island trip with snorkeling (Sunday)
  • 1 x Weekly night market (Sunday)
  • Daily unlimited complimentary chemical-free laundry & ironing
  • All transportation to and from all PC activities, beach trips, etc.
  • Full access to the wellness park: herbal steam room/magnesium soak, ice bath, infrared sauna and salt water swimming pools
  • Access to our pantry of natural herbs and supplements as you need them
  • Access to all special evening activities, such as our cacao ceremonies, concert meditations, workshops and more
  • Access to all cooking classes and natural body/skin care classes, and recipes you can take home with you
  • Access to all educational talks with our staff experts and practitioners on a variety of topics such as eating for your body type, stress, breathing techniques, hacking sleep, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, and many more
  • Access to all fitness classes, yoga classes, breathing classes, hikes, beach or lake walks/runs, SUP, beach trips and meditation. See the LIVE weekly schedule online:
  • Daily housekeeping using natural products
  • Free natural and organic bathroom toiletries and mosquito repellent
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Airplane packed meal upon departure
  • BOOK NOW Book before April 15 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount

Philosophy of “Phuket Cleanse LifeHack Retreat”:

  • Release toxins through cardio training, detox nutrition & hydration, ice bath, steam room
  • Rebuild the system with superfood organic nutrition & stress management techniques
  • Reshape the body through body-sculpting workouts, treatments and mind set
  • Recharge the body and resilience of mind through yoga, meditation, deep sleep, ice baths & massage
  • Recreate images of yourself through meditation, ‘Inner Playground’ work and personal development strategies
  • BOOK NOW Book before April 15 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount

Zora’s May Lectures

Week 1

  1. SLEEPLESS IN THE CITY – Discover how sleep patterns affect the aging process and how to get to the root cause of sleep disorders with the latest evidence based techniques. Learn factors that contribute to the quality of sleep and why deep restful sleep slows aging. We will examine thought patterns and explore techniques to get your body and mind in a state of deep relaxation and to promote positive thinking.
  2. IS STRESS MAKING YOU SICK? – Understand the mechanisms of both physical and mental stress and how integrating a state of relaxation can heal illness and optimize your healthspan according to the latest research. Experience breathing techniques to release stress, reduce brain fog and bring mental calm and clarity.
  3. MOVEMENTS TO LAST A LIFETIME – Appreciate the importance of movement from a biochemical, hormonal and neural perspective. Understand the latest scientific research exposing the type of training proven to turn back the body
    clock. Learn which movements are the quickest and most effective ways to improve strength, tone and functionality to live a life free from tension and stiffness for now and the future.
  4. SLOW TIME TO SHARPEN THE MIND – Discover how your brain ages, how to measure this process and then learn key things you can do to slow and even reverse your Alzheimering brain. Understand the important role your DNA plays
    in supporting – or undermining – your cognitive health, and come to know more about the universal key promoters of brain health. Let yourself be challenged on how to keep your brain and mind young and active.
  5. NUTRITION BOOTCAMP – Clear the confusion on dieting, food philosophies and discover the most effective ways to burn fat. Understand nutrigenomics and how food affects our aging genes and DNA. Get the 5 top foods that are most effective to fat loss while preserving your youth.

    Week 2

  6. SKIN AND THE CITY – Understand how city pollution affects aging skin. Learn which ingredients in our personal care are causing accelerated aging and how to reduce these toxins. Effective and natural beauty tips for clearer and younger skin helps us to create a better skincare routine. Discover which trends are worth checking out and how new genetic science is revolutionizing our skincare.
  7. TO FAST OR NOT TO FAST?  – Clear the confusion on intermittent fasting to slow aging and burn belly fat.
  8. BURN THE FAT WITH OUR HORMONES  – Our hormones can bring us down or lift us up. Learn how to balance our hormones to burn fat and live a long healthspan in a strong and stable body free of disease and illness. Understanding our hormonal balance in a gently scientific way motivates us to implement practical tips to gain control of our health.
  9. KITCHEN DETOX TO REVERSE AGING – I will share with you my tips and tricks to get the kitchen in the right order and how to replace (or simply enhance) your favorite meals. I am not one to demonize foods or food groups and prefer to find a way to include our favorite dishes into our lives and our kitchens without compromising our healthspan and/or body composition.
  10. DINING OUT TO SLOW AGING  – Discover my 10 secret hacks I use when I eat out to keep my telomeres long and DNA protected. Understand how to keep our meals balanced, which types of restaurants to choose and how to “translate” a menu to hack your age and stay on track with your weight management goals.
  • BOOK NOW Book before April 15 with code HMA@PC15 for a 15% discount

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