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Welcome to our online shop, the ultimate destination for women who want to harness the power of biohacking menopause. Zora understands the unique challenges that menopause can bring and has curated a selection of cutting-edge products that are specially recommended to support and optimize this phase of life. From supplements that balance hormones to advanced sleep tracking devices that ensure restorative rest and adequate recovery her collection is designed to empower women to navigate menopause with vitality and confidence. 

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Nanoformulated DHEA+ Female Hormone Tonic is a balanced blend of micronized DHEA, pregnenolone, diindolylmethane, chrysin, and premium herbal extracts. The targeted formula is designed to support and balance healthy hormone levels for women in the perimenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal stages of life.

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Quieton is the world’s smallest ANC earbuds. These noise cancelinng earbuds are my favorite, because they are totally EMF free, but they effectively reduce noises disturbing your sleep such as snoring or city noise. They are designed for sleeping, no masking sound, no Bluetooth connectivity (no music listening), no electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

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Rachel Varga is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011, has performed over 20,000 rejuvenation procedures and has worked with 20+ brands in her career. As clean as possible personal care products from head to toe that also perform are key!

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SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. Track your progress & watch your health scores dynamically change as you upload lab test results and complete lifestyle assessments. DNA and lab testing kits are also offered.

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Sunlighten’s patented SoloCarbon heating technology delivers the highest quality and quantity infrared energy for clinically-proven effective health benefits.

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Losing fat and getting your energy back never goes fast enough, and optimizing your thyroid doesn’t either. The power of T2 to improve your body’s ability to burn fat without the jittery, hyper side effects is simply amazing… and that’s what you get with Thyroid Fixxr®.

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